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Marc Selwyn Fine Art is pleased to announce an exhibition of recent work by Richard Misrach, one of the most influential and internationally recognized photographers working today. Misrach may be best known for his epic Desert Cantos series on the American Southwest. By exploring the social, political, environmental, cultural and aesthetic perceptions of the places he photographs, Misrach has expanded the notion of traditional landscape photographic practice. His subjects have included manmade floods and fires, dried vegetation, bombing ranges, figures on the beach and sublime night skies.

This exhibition focuses on Misrach's reverse "Scrub" images which explore the indexical nature of photographic representation. A homage to the end of the analog era, the work sets up a dialogue with certain painterly traditions while retaining its photographic integrity. Printed as negatives for the final presentation, the images are once-removed from their original subjects--tumbleweeds and desert vegetation--as found in the real world. Conceptually intriguing they yield a remarkable palette of color. "With his new work, Misrach appears determined to renew that sense of unfamiliarity—to revive the idea that color is unreliable, artificial.” (Art in America)

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